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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high intensity strength and conditioning program designed to increase your ability to perform work. The workouts are constantly varied.  This variation of training is used to develop a broad and inclusive fitness that moves away from specialization.  Bodybuilders train for size.  Runners train for speed.  Crossfitter’s train for everything.  Since CrossFit does cover a wide array of movements: running, jumping, weightlifting, gymnastics etc., it offers participants the ability to expand their fitness into all aspects of life.  Without variation in your training, your body will accommodate and your gains will come to a halt.  Through high intensity training your body is forced to adapt by increasing the efficiency of the neuroendocrine and neuromuscular systems.  In other words, you get BETTER FASTER!  
The CrossFit program is designed to be scalable to all individuals regardless of limitations.  Whether you are brand new to training or been in the trenches for years, CrossFit can be scaled to meet your fitness level.   With commitment and hard work you will achieve greater general fitness and a high degree of athleticism. 

The only way for you to really understand CrossFit is to come in and give it a try.  Call or email today to schedule your free introductory session. 

Phone: 318-780-0473

Located seconds away from the I-49 and 3132 intersection in Shreveport, CrossFit SBC can be reached in 15-20 minutes from most places in the Shreveport - Bossier area. Give us a call! Check out our Contact Us page for more info.




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